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All emails deleted/addressed on Friday’s

I wanted to share a very interesting and proven technique used today by some of our major IT leaders on handling email.

I was speaking at a conference a year or so and met up with a leader at a very large software company here in the Seattle Washington area. This leader told me that every Friday by end of day, he addresses every email he has in his inbox before the end of the day. So going into...

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Work offline, get stuff done

We live in distracting times, where any task can easily get derailed.

We surf the net, recheck pages, answer emails, juggle cell phone calls…and then there is the real world.

Today, I believe our greatest productivity challenge comes from these distractions.

There’s one distraction you can get rid of: Incoming information.

When I need to work on a task, say writing this blog...

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Corporate Training

Protect your company’s image

Ensure your employees are up to speed on everything they need to email properly. Learn all the rules and etiquette necessary for any company that uses email.

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